Saturday, November 6, 2010

Holiday Decorating Traditions

I love holidays and I love to decorate. For awhile I was kind of getting lazy and forgot how much it makes my heart sing (heart not mouth, for those nervous that I might be breaking out in song) to make a holiday special with decorations. Every month we have a family birthday party for all the birthdays in that month and for years I have used the "Happy Birthday" sign that I made with two balloons on each side. Recently I found this great birthday table topper that is just perfect to add to my tradition, and it was ON SALE! Don't you just love it when you find just what you have always wanted and to have it be on sale is just too over-the-top glorious. I mean, finding a cure for cancer couldn't be better than this.

Well, the real purpose of holiday traditions is to have the family gather and have fun together, and if I can do that with a little added creativity then I am a happy woman.

We are also going to play our traditional candy bar game with candy we gathered from Belgium and Germany. Sweet, huh? (literally) I think we have started another new tradition when we travel--to collect candy instead of trinkets. That way I can just carry the memories on my hips instead of having to dust it.

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