Thursday, May 20, 2010


While walking with friends this morning, I realized that my last blog could have been misinterpreted. My friends were concerned that I had been offended and that is why I wrote what I did. No, I haven't been offended. Trust me, it takes a lot to offend me, because let's face it, I'm too busy offending others. I wrote what I did because I had just been in a meeting where we were discussing the importance of teaching the young women not to offend or be offended easily.

One of the reasons that I am not easily offended is that I realize that people, for the most part, have good intentions, and so I choose to not be offended and instead try to understand why they did what they did or said. Also because I do seek for constant improvement, I am open to even negative feedback that can help me see where I need to improve and what I might need to repent of.

The bottom line is, I have been blessed to have so much evidence that God loves and cares about me, and so that has given me a quiet confidence that makes my trust in others' opinions who might be having a bad day more unlikely.

What I need to worry more about is being offensive because I have developed a pretty thick skin and am open to helpful criticism, but then I forget that other people are a lot more sensitive than I am. It doesn't help that I am bold and sarcastic, but when sarcasm might be my only talent, I am just so afraid to bury it.


Linda said...

I love reading your BLOG. I always feel like I spent a moment with my good friend and since I miss you, that is always a great thing! I hope you don't stop after a year.

Lisa said...

What Linda said.