Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lessons in Nature

I absolutely love to exercise in nature and I especially love to hike, walk, run on scenic trails. There is something about being in a natural setting alone with my own thoughts that symbolically teaches me important lessons of life.

The other day while hiking in a favorite canyon named after my great-great-great grandfather, I came across this trail that was obstructed by a fallen tree. It didn't take long for a new path to form, and I find that that is also true of life.

Sometimes something happens and the path that we were on is suddenly blocked, but God provides a new path if we keep walking with faith. It is good to have goals but sometimes that goal isn't what my Heavenly Father wants for me, and so I need to be better at letting Him guide me down new paths before He has to send a catastrophe to stop me from continuing on the original path.

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