Monday, May 3, 2010

They will figure it out

Okay, I'm getting up there in years but it has taken me a long time to figure out some important lessons in life. I've mentioned this before, but one of the most important lessons is that I don't have to protect or fix people anymore. Yes, when the little chickadees were young, it was necessary to keep them from running into the street and making sure they brushed their teeth; but now I can finally let them lose and trust that they can do it on their own. (If you see any of my kids running into traffic, please don't tell me) That also goes for anyone else that I care about and am tempted to protect from harm. Some of life's greatest lessons come from pain and sometimes we all have to learn it the hard way.

My new saying that I credit to my good friend Patty is, "They will figure it out."  It is the path to letting go and trusting that others either know what they are doing and what they need or that the consequences of their wrong choices will teach them what they need to know. I can now quit my job as their teacher and their course corrector. My job is just to be a good example (whoops, I've blown it already) and to love them.

Yes, I'm a slow learner but at least my head is catching on. Now let's just hope that my actions will follow. I will keep repeating, "They will figure it out." "They will figure it out." "They will figure it out." (and if you are thinking that they will figure it out that the garbage needs to be taken out; don't count on it.)

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