Sunday, May 2, 2010


Sometimes I have spent too much focus and energy on being jealous of someone and making excuses of why I can't have or do what I am jealous of them having and doing.

Recently I learned from a good friend's blog that when she exercises that she doesn't leave the gym until she has burned 600 calories. The next time I was on my treadmill I paid attention to how many calories I burned and felt somewhat discouraged that I didn't come close to that. (what? Am I suppose to actually do more than strolling?) My naturally tendency was to make excuses and be jealous that she was in such great physical shape but I stopped myself before I got desperate and tacky enough to accuse her of being on steroids to make myself feel better (yes, that is how caddy jealousy can make me).

So instead of tearing her down in an effort to make me feel better, I was just inspired by her. Thank you Lisa, the last time I was on my treadmill I got up to burning 550 calories. You inspired me to push myself and in the process, I discovered that I am capable of so much more--even without steroids. I am grateful for good friends that inspire me to be a better person.


Lisa said...

Love you, Tanya!

KT said...

I loved reading this. That is a lot of calories to get up to!
I also think it will be hard for me to let go, and let my kids be on their own, hoping they're being smart. (above post)