Sunday, May 23, 2010


I am a perfectionist and trust me that isn't a good quality. I remember one day being with some women who were admiring someone's home and garage that was perfect. Because it takes one to know one, I cautioned them of admiration of something that might be unhealthy for them and their family. I like what the Amish do when they make a quilt. They purposely make a mistake because they believe that God is the only one that can be perfect. For me I don't have to try to make a mistake, it just happens. I want to get better at rolling with it and saying to myself, "This is good enough."

This is definitely true for me:

What is perfectionism? A lot of people think that to be a perfectionist they must be perfect at something, but that isn't necessarily true.

Perfectionists often...

...have very high standards for themselves and others.

...feel frustrated when they don't meet their goals.

...blame themselves when things go wrong -- even when they are not directly involved.

...intentionally set goals they know are almost impossible to reach.

...are hardly ever really satisfied with their performance.

...procrastinate. Big time.

Procrastination is a symptom of perfectionism. Perfectionists fear they won't be able to complete the task perfectly, so they try to put it off as long as possible.

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