Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I was just at my son's home and he was showing me the progress on their basement that they are finishing, and I mentioned something about organizing. He told me something that is so true. He said that I am always thinking about organizing. Yes, it's true. I am always on the look out for the perfectly organized purse. When I am shopping for a new car, I could care less about the engine's power, brakes, etc.; just show me where the cup holders are and a convenient place for my purse and other stuff and then I'll decide if I want to buy it.

For me, instead of saying I should get more organized because I am already to the extreme neurotic, on the verge of psychiatric hospitalization side of the organization scale, I should pull back and get a little more relaxed.

After a few years of teaching organization classes and giving ideas that could push people into my neurotic realm, I started to just teach the principles of organizing and asking people to figure out where they were on the scale. If they were completely disorganized, then by all means move towards being more organized. If, however, they were roommates with me in the obsessive compulsively organized psych ward, then relax and enjoy life and people instead of organizing stuff.

A balanced form of organizing can make life less stressful,but just like under organization can be depressing and stressful, so can over organizing. I am committed to staying in the balanced place where I feel peace.

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Lisa said...

Oh my....I hope you weren't frustrated when you lived with me!