Friday, May 7, 2010

A contest

I keep hearing from people that have been doing a lot of dejunking, and so I thought it would be fun to have a little contest to see what is the most unique junk that you are finally parting with. Also include the creative/crazy reason you have held onto it.

For me I finally gave up my old drill team sweater from high school. I held onto it just in case I went to a 50's costume party. I don't think that is going to happen. I was also worried that if I gave it away and someone else would wear it they would get a demerit. You see, back in high school it was such a "privilege" to have and wear one that if we ever let someone who wasn't actually a Lancelle wear ours, then we would get a demerit. Now they will probably just get beat up. Anyway, it's off to DI it goes. Hopefully it makes it to Russia where the name Tanya is popular and 1973 means something to them.

I also threw away some mineral makeup that is way too light for me. I have been holding onto it just in case I get pale and sickly and then it will finally match my skin color. I also got rid of my Richard Simmons exercise videos. I have finally learned to copy his hair style and so I don't need them. If you hurry you can get a good deal for them at the DI. I also got rid of some shoe boxes that I was saving in case I needed to throw together a Valentine's box.

Share what you have parted with and why you have held onto it. There will be a prize for the best item and excuse.


yvonne said...

what! you took your richard simmons videos to DI!!! where are my car keys!!

Sawyer Garn said...

I'm getting rid of Jake...which dejunks practically the entire house! I've been hanging on to him in case I finally laugh at one of his jokes! (just kidding, I'd never laugh at his jokes!)

But for real the most interesting things I'm getting rid of is a fish tank that I have cruly let Jake hang onto making him think we will one day have pet fish when in fact I hate fish as pets and will never have them.
I also have got rid of boxes of books and movies that I held onto for the off chance I will look through them and get an incling to read or watch them.
Also getting rid of lots of my homework that my teachers brainwashed me into thinking I would need for future info...nope, I can't see why I would need any of it. Who would ever care to see what grade I got on a paper on human development?! And why would I feel inclined to read my papers for that matter! I could just look up the information online anyway!

The Froerer's said...

I am major dejunking because we are moving soon. I have finally decided to get rid of:
4 of 6 baby dolls, 1 of 3 blenders, rubber loafers, perfect pancake pan, postpartum doughnut, mechanical flour sifter, and some ugly 80's maternity clothes which I had also saved for costumes. Now looking at this list I realize that I tend to hold onto a lot of junk. Maybe it will help me get rid of more :)

Lisa said...

Our World Book Encyclopedias!

Beth said...

I got rid of my homework from elementary school, just keeping a few pieces. Not too interesting.

Gabe KEPT a roll of carpet from the condo that was left over when it was put in 10 years ago! He needs to read the dejunking book.

Jenny, Gabe had that tank for awhile and I begged him to get rid of it and he kept saying "It's Jake's" so I finally made him bring it back to you guys! Passing the junk around.