Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day to my Mom

I want to wish my Mom a Happy Mother's Day. I am so grateful for her because she has been the perfect mother for me. I appreciate her diligence and hard work to make our home a great place to be and to provide wonderful traditions and family closeness. She taught me to be independent and strong and gave me wonderful opportunities to learn and develop a variety of talents. The fact that I don't have any talents isn't her fault because she did give me the opportunities. (Oh wait, I forgot about the baton twirling!) My Mom is a great lady with a very sensitive and caring heart. Happy Mother's Day!

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Lanae said...

That was such a nice tribute. I miss my mom. She's been gone for almost 8 years. I'm glad that you still have your mom here. Enjoy her! Oh....and you have MANY talents. :D