Monday, May 10, 2010


If you have been dejunking, be sure and submit your entry for the craziest thing you finally got rid of. See May 7th post.

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KT said...

You had me at contest...
I am queen dejunker, so not a lot at my house. I decided to clean/dejunk my mom's pantry for Mother's Day.
Anyway not to embarrass my mom too bad, but she did get mad at me for throwing away an old chupa chupe canister that she has hung on to since I was a kid. She told me how it was so cute, and she could put stuff in it. I told her how it has been in the pantry and empty for 20 years and unused.
I love dejunking! If you want someone to come over and tell you why to get rid of anything, that would be me. I think it's b/c my mom is a hoarder, I went extreme.