Monday, May 24, 2010

Killing Time

Yesterday I willed myself better so I could hear my kids speak in church and give my lesson in young womens, but then I crashed and have been sick ever since. You would think that I would take advantage of the opportunity to lay in bed and read but nooooooooo, I just killed time sitting like a zombie in front of the computer. I felt too sick to do anything constructive but I did email a funny utube video and posted it on facebook. There is just something about being sick that gives me permission to be a bum.

I have to say that at the worst part of this illness, I am wondering why anyone would want to live longer if they had a terminal and painful disease. I just get a little strep and I am calling Dr. Kevorkian.


Linda said...

Sorry to hear that you have been sick and that you are feeling a little better already. Sending my love and best wishes that you get well quickly! Love ya!

truss said...

I can't believe you!!! Your lesson was wonderful. It was a tender mercy to all of us that you had the strength to come and teach. I appreciate all you do, Tanya.