Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tribute to Ethan

I mentioned this before but my new hero is Helaman. He is such a great example of being positive even in the middle of war.

I just came from the apartment building where a little memorial of candles and stuffed animals is set up for that little 4 year old Ethan, who was killed by his step father. As horrific as his death was, I am so grateful that he is now in a safe and loving place and being well cared for. I also have faith that even during his troubling last days that he was surrounded by angels that comforted and helped him.

As I looked around at the people that came to pay their respect, I was also filled with tremendous faith and hope that there are so many good people that care, and who far out number those who would do harm. I am thankful for the goodness and sensitivity of so many wonderful people. May we all use this experience to soften our hearts and be more loving to all people. Thank you Heavenly Father for taking Ethan unto you.

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Beth said...

Your insight last night really helped me deal with my emotions over this tragic story. Thank you so much.