Friday, May 21, 2010


Today I did some planting with two of my grandchildren, and right now it is raining so my new plantings and some transplants (plants not hair) are getting good care. There is nothing quite like how good it feels to spend some time gardening and making our yard more attractive. I love making something more beautiful.

I remember years ago when we were anticipating general conference and feeling like there would be some special announcement. The direction we were given at that conference by President Kimball was to plant a garden. At the time, I felt kind of disappointed. I mean, I was hoping they would change Sunday School to a social dinner hour. Anyway, I have come to know that there is joy is simple things. Yes a garden can feed us physically and flowers create beauty, but there are also spiritual, mental, emotional, and social benefits to gardening.

P.S This is an internet picture. I will no longer put actual pictures of my family on this blog because someone who doesn't personally know us on the other side of the country with an inappropriate blog got a hold of some of our family pictures and posted them along with some scathing opinions of me and some of the things I wrote about my spiritual beliefs. Sad, isn't it?

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