Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I canceled my appointment with Dr. Kevorkian. I started an antibiotic for Strep yesterday and today I WANT TO LIVE!! I even went hiking up the canyon. Medication can be miraculous.

For the most part I try to use preventative measures and somewhat of an alternative approach to my health, but I know there are times when good old fashion traditional medicine is the only answer, and yes I will resort to prescription medication on rare occasions.

There was a time when I struggled with sinus infections and I used a lot of antibiotics but then I realized it was a vicious cycle. The more antibiotics I used the more susceptible I was to infection. It was then that I read the book entitled, Sinus Survival, which taught me about treating the whole person and other preventative and alternative means of healing.

My avoidance for even over-the-counter medication started in high school when a fellow classmate shared with me that she tried not to take aspirin for headaches because she felt like if she took medication for the simple things then she wondered what would she have to take when there was greater pain. It made sense to me then and so I followed her example, and I have benefited from that suggestion. Now I feel like I have a higher pain tolerance. It works for emotional pain or worry as well. I believe I am stronger in all areas in my life because I haven't always relied on pills to make me feel better.

But today I am grateful for my antibiotic. My family would have missed me (kind of like they miss a headache).

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