Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Body Believes Everything I Say

What I especially like about writing this blog is that I don't have to have any rhyme or reason to what I post. It doesn't really matter if I talk about random subjects as long as it has something to do with my self discovery and improvement journey. So here I go on a repeated tangent.

Today I was reminded of a Walmart commercial I saw awhile ago about cold and cough medication. The commercial said,  "Stock up because you know you are going to need  it." Now that's an interesting belief and one I am not going to subscribe to.

It reminds me of an interesting book I read entitled, "Your Body Believes Every Word You Say." In essence it says that what we believe, think and say gets played out in our physical bodies. So if I believe, think, and say that I will need cold and cough medication; then I will.

One interesting study discussed in that book was about people who were allergic to strawberries and how they would break out in hives when they entered a room with strawberry wallpaper because of that power of thought that could translate into really physical symptoms. I wonder then if I have pictures of desserts in my home, will I gain weight; and if that is the case, maybe I should have pictures of celery.

Once again I am reminded to have positive faith that I will be healthy and then work at making choices to promote good health. Does anyone know a good vegetable photographer?

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