Sunday, January 31, 2010

Time to Celebrate!

Today I am celebrating a whole month of keeping my commitment to blog every day for a year. Even though it is such a simple little thing to do, it has been so helpful in my steady progress and improvement. This commitment has kept my focus on simple habits that has helped see me through some challenges and distractions. So far, I have only really worked on deeper breathing, drinking more water, and a morning routine (with a deadline to finish) that includes a little something from each point of the star. It has been surprisingly interesting how these simple habits make it easier to be motivated in all other areas throughout the day. Even as challenges come up that would normally derail me, I am discovering how much deep breathing is such a calming and re grounding tool that keeps me on track; and blogging at the end of the day is like a nightly personal accountability session.

1 comment:

yvonne said...

i have to say i am way impressed with your commitment to blog. and i've enjoyed them each day. thank you dear friend for your wise words and even more... your constant great example.