Monday, January 11, 2010

Get back on track

I was doing so well with my nightly routine, which included straightening the house, focused writing on my blog, and then possible reading time in the tub. But gradually I started to be somewhat undisciplined and drifted off track, staying up later and getting up later, which then threw my morning routine off. The discipline of my morning and nightly routine is so key for me and seems to affect discipline in all areas. Today was one of those days when I got up later, ran out of time to exercise, then the hair wouldn't work right, I forgot to eat breakfast and then overate the rest of the day to make up for it, and finally ended up robbing a bank and beating Kev. Okay, that last part was a little exaggerated but I really do suffer from an all-or-nothing mentality.

Since I do so much better when I stick to a focused routine with some sort of deadline, it is time to take a deep breath and get back on track. My goal is to straighten the house and write my blog by 10 and have a little reading time before bed at 11 pm and then I will be able to get up at an early hour. Of course, I always want to be flexible enough that I don't have to let myself go crazy if I can't follow the routine perfectly.

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