Monday, January 4, 2010

A Shining Star

I've laid the groundwork:

-I wrote down my goal (blogging about and implementing self-improvement goals)
-I have someone to report to (anyone bored enough to follow my blog)
-I am committed to consistent baby steps, which includes a routine

Now I am following the pattern of this star as I consider all facets of myself in order to improve in a balanced way. (Since I am not proficient at graphic design, this is the best that I can do folks. Believe me, this is pretty advanced for my pathetic computer knowledge.)

Now imagine that at each point is a particular part of my life.

Top point is my spiritual self.
Right point is my physical self.
Bottom right point is my mental self.
Bottom left point is my emotional self.
Left point is my social self.

Notice that when you would draw a star that each point leads to another point. This is the way it is with all facets of my life--they are all connected and one area eventually affects all the other areas. (Especially the physical and emotional points--when I chow down on a dozen donuts, I want to cry, and when I feel emotionally upset, I want to keep on chewing to kill the pain!) Now imagine the space in the middle are correct principles that are the foundation for the outer points of the things I decide to do in each area.

Although all the principles are universal, please always know that, for example, what I do to improve my physical self could be different than what someone else chooses to do. You might want to just jog, while I might choose to jog while eating an ice cream cone because I need the extra calcium! Tomorrow, I will start with my physical goals.


Katie said...

You are truly the smartest person i know!! I am excited to read your blog and learn from you.

Steph said...

Oh I am so excited about this blog! You are one of the most inspiring people I know, I miss our chats!!

P.S. If you ever have any blog questions or want me to do like a "Tanya's Thoughts & Things" header for your blog I would love to! :) Let's get together soon!

Lisa said...

This is excellent.

Tanya Garn said...

Steph, that would be great if you could spruce it up a bit. thanks