Thursday, January 21, 2010

Learning from inconsistency

The other day I listed the benefits of drinking water and then I found the extra benefits of drinking lemon water. For a few days I was really diligent in drinking lemon water almost every hour and I was enjoying the results . In the last couple of days I haven't been consistently drinking it and i just don't feel the same. There you have it--my scientific research of the value of drinking lemon water!! Also evidence of how I am consistently inconsistent. Story of my life. Anyway I "want to" keep on with the water with lemons habit, and know that it is important that instead of telling myself that I am consistently inconsistent that I now declare, I AM CONSISTENT!!! Words have power, especially words that follow the statement "I am."

Yes. I am plugging along at the pace of a turtle. So far just working on my breathing and drinking more water. Once I get that down, I will start eating!

1 comment:

yvonne said...

just think by the end of the year you will be the ultimate picture of health!

so do you have to use fresh lemon to get the results (although i'm not sure what those 'results' are) or can you just add some concentrated lemon to your water bottle?