Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Take my breath away

I'm a big American Idol fan and tonight my vote is already with the cute RM from Sandy with the piercing blue eyes! Speaking of taking my breath away, I have been working on my breathing and I can already tell my lung capacity has increased (good thing it happened before tonight's American Idol episode). This last couple of weeks I decided to really work up a sweat on the treadmill and run faster. At first I was literally coughing as the bottom parts of my lungs obviously hadn't had a any action before. It took a week or so before the running and breathing became easier, and I realized the need to consistently be pushing myself because my workouts had obviously gotten too effortless.

I've got to run because I'm calling Taylee to tell her that since it didn't work out for her and David Archeleta, I've got to let her know that I've got a new guy for her. Ya baby!!!


Beth said...

Big Shocker here: Gabe and I watch AI last night.

We both looked at each other when we saw the cancer missionary and said we found your favorite!

yvonne said...

your blog has inspired me to start writing a little more...(notice that i used the word 'little'...to show my true commitment.) plus seeing the picture of Kev in a party hat is reason enough to tune in regularly to your blog. thanks for letting me be a part of your metamorphesis. yvonne