Tuesday, March 9, 2010

More Healthy Eating

My plan to focus on eating colorful foods is working nicely. I feel so much more energy and the cravings for sugar is almost gone. Not that desserts don't look good, but I feel so satisfied that I don't have to have them, AND LIFE IS EVEN STILL WORTH LIVING! Now that is a major milestone. Let's get a cake and celebrate. KIDDING!

Also my plan to eat more often is helping. When I don't let my blood sugar get too low, then I don't crave the refined foods that will raise it quickly and I am not so prone to overeat. I have realized that going too long without eating or overeating triggers my sugar cravings.

Now a word about soynuts. I have found them to be a great source of protein that helps keep blood sugar level and is convenient to keep in my car when I can't get another healthy snack. I also learned from a friend who spent three years on a mission in Japan that there isn't a Japanese word for menopause because of all the soy in their diet, they don't have that disorder. So my soynuts will help keep me from going crazy. Whoops, too late.


yvonne said...

hey can you get soynuts anywhere or are you getting them at a health food store? i tend to let my blood sugar go down and then i crave any food i can find, which of course doesn't mean anything healthy. i've got to try this!

Tanya Yates Garn said...

I get a big plastic jug of them from Costco. They are in the nuts, snacks, and candy area.