Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rediscovering an old passion

I believe that being creative fills a mental and an emotional need. The other day when I saw the quilt that I had made for Talm before he moved to Portland and then to South Korea, it brought back the fond and satisfying memories I have of putting together colors and patterns to make something as comforting as a blanket. It also triggered my memory of my Jr. High art class and how I loved to do mosaic pictures, which is kind of the same idea.

Today I decided that quilting was a passion I wanted to reconnect with and so with my extremely creative friend Katy, we headed off to a quilt shop to buy fabric for small doll quilts for my twin granddaughters since their older sister already has one that I made by hand.

I started to work on them right away and rediscovered that it really fills my creative love of colors and patterns and to do it by hand is also very relaxing, especially while watching American Idol (and especially since I am not voting and thus not in control of who gets voted off. So good to have eliminated that pressure!).

There is something about taking different pieces of fabric and sewing them together to create a whole new pattern. It is such a simple pleasure but incredibly satisfying. Everyone deserves to create something they love.


Lisa said...

I feel euphoric when involved in a great creative project. Have fun!

Steph said...

I had no idea you quilted Tanya, that's awesome! I've only machine quilted so I would have no idea how to quilt by hand, is it hard to learn? You should post pictures when you're done :)