Saturday, March 13, 2010

Back on Track

I got a little derailed in the last few days and today I just got in my exercise clothes but never did exercise or shower. UGH! I realize there is always something that I can't control in my life, and so my focus needs to be on that which I can control and I can certainly control if I exercise and take a shower. Today I learned that drifting off from my daily routine and positive habits sets me up for a day of laziness and deep dissatisfaction. Even though there are some things that are really difficult in my life right now, it is even more important that I stay with the routine and habits that keep me grounded and centered. There is a place of peace even in the most trying circumstances and my daily habits and especially communion with my Heavenly Fathar help me tune into that peace.

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Lisa said...

Wow. I think you are amazing. Love you, girl.