Saturday, March 6, 2010

Joy in the Simple Things

Today was a day of simple joys.

* The joy of sweeping the gutter with my grandkids in the glorious sunlight. When I asked Corby if he would help sweep the gutter, he looked so confused. I later found out while we were working that his only reference to a gutter was the bowling alley. Cute, huh?
* The joy of cleaning our light fixtures on the outdoor pillars and putting in new bulbs. Actually, the real joy came later when it was dark and from my office I could see them shining brightly. Isn't it just plain fun to keep looking at the product of your labor? I just turned and looked at the light again.
* The joy of taking the large overflowing basket of newspapers to be recycled.
* The joy of cleaning out and organizing my refrigerator. Scary but joyful.
* The joy of crawling into a neatly made bed. Jim Gaffigan says that why should he bother making the bed when he gets out of it because he doesn't tie his shoes after he takes them off. Point well made, but I still prefer to make my bed and this is after not bothering to do it for years and now realizing what I missed.
* The joy of getting everything on my to do list for the week completed and physically crossing each item off. Isn't there something magical about crossing something off of a list? Who needs chocolate?

I have had some amazing experiences in my lifetime but it is usually the little things that bring the most joy. Especially good old-fashion work. What is your little thing? I am committed to being mindful of and savoring the simple pleasures of life.

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yvonne said...

i loved your thoughts and agree totally. i can get such pleasure in putting all my clean laundry away or looking out windows i've just cleaned. the world even feels brighter.