Friday, March 5, 2010

Goals revisited

I have been mindful of my breath and noticing that I have been returning back to old habits of not breathing deeply and exhaling completely. I have noticed that when I hold onto some of my breath that it seems to be stored in my shoulders. Kind of symbolic of carrying a lot of responsibility that isn't mine and proof that my physical body can carry my emotions. For example, I realize I use to feel ultra responsible for who stayed on American Idol. I mean, I believed it was up to me to make sure that David Archeleta and Chris Allen didn't get voted off, and believe me, that was a lot of pressure (and they didn't even call to thank me)! Now I don't even vote at all, and it just feels so good to let go and let the rest of America decide. It's good to relax and breathe again.

It isn't just American Idol that I have felt this responsibility for. I think that I confused caring about someone for being responsible for them. Now I know that I can certainly care but not get uptight about what I really am not in charge of. I am using my complete breath exhalation to remind me to let go and let my Heavenly Father be in charge. Something tells me He is going to do a better job.

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Beth said...

What a great post and reminder about who/what we can control.
Thanks for the posts.