Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Inspiration Star

Wow! I figured out how to put my inspiration star on this blog.

Now I move to the bottom left point of the star which is the mental part of my self where i have placed a picture of a professor that I had in my second college life. It was in my adult college experience where I was always prepared and continually making comments, just like the adults that were so annoying in my first college life and that Taylee says has been annoying in hers. Yes Taylee, I was one of those! Please note that I do not carry my professor's picture; it is just amazing how I can google any image keyword and voila, there is his picture.

Dr. Herrin profoundly influenced my desire and aptitude for deep learning and I will be forever grateful for his method of teaching and learning. He taught me to not just absorb information but to find deeper understanding by looking up definitions, asking questions of myself, what it means to be open minded, and to be mindful of how what I learn can be applied especially in the service learning that was required for the class. I especially loved that he has the same religious faith as me and would suggest church books to read and study, so it became not only a wonderful mental experience but a spiritual one as well.

He solidified my appreciation for journal writing as the only "testing" in the class was to write to demonstrate our understanding. I learned that memorization and regurgitation of facts isn't real deep learning but that having to write about it is. Thank you Dr. Herrin.

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