Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Rewind and Fastforward

Sometimes I have to pretend I am a tape player. I is a good idea for me to rewind and figure out what is the root of a problem. For example, if I get sick then I go backwards to try and figure out what I have done that might have contributed to my susceptibility to illness to prevent it in the future.

Other times I need to fast forward and anticipate what the consequences are going to be of a present decision. Like when I see a tempting dessert, I should stop and push the fast forward button and appreciate how yucky I will feel after the sugar has past my taste buds. It is the same thing if I was tempted to have gages (spelling ?) put in my ears. I would want to look forward and picture my grandchild saying, "Grandma, my what big ear holes you have."

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