Saturday, July 3, 2010

Points of the Star Reprograming

The interesting thing about doing this self improvement blog is that I am realizing so much I need to improve. I asked what I need to work on and I am receiving all kinds of answers. It is pretty painful actually, and now I know even more so how much repenting and improving I need to do.

To help with this change, I decided while hiking the other day that I need to do the same thing for all the other dimensions of my life that I did years ago to program myself to exercise everyday. My positive addiction to exercise came after walking and saying to myself, "I am doing this every day for the rest of my life."

Now I will take each point and while I walk say a positive "I am" statement in order to develop positive thoughts and beliefs about my spiritual, mental, emotional, and social self just like I did with my physical self. Because I have experienced the fact that my body believes every word I say especially when I say "I am...", I know this will be beneficial. (I just won't be doing it into a mirror like that guy on Saturday Night Live, just so you know) I am what I think and say I am. I am not addicted to sugar.

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