Thursday, July 1, 2010

Learn from my mistakes

I just went and watched the movie Eclipse. I loved the graduation speech about making mistakes. If I accept the fact that I am going to make mistakes then I can be more open to learning from my mistakes. That doesn't mean that I want to ever plan to do something wrong and intentionally sin; but after the fact, it is nice to know that there can be something good that comes from it. I am just grateful for the Atonement that makes it possible that I don't have to continue to suffer for my errors but gives me an opportunity to be cleansed and healed, and the freedom to make it into a great life lesson. If the number of mistakes indicates the level of growth, then I am a redwood tree; and I guess I can count the purpose of my life is to teach other people what not to do.

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yvonne said...

i feel lucky to have you as my teacher...i learn so much from all the good things you do.