Monday, July 19, 2010


I was watching "What Not To Wear" the other day and it came to me how difficult change can be, even positive change. I guess an inability to change something becomes most evident in how someone dresses. It is easy to get stuck in the styles from my younger years and cluelessly thinking that I am still in style while I am strutting around in bell-bottom pants. One thing that cracks me up is when my hair gets wet and goes naturally curly, and someone invariable asks me if I have a permanent. I then ask them if they really think I would pay good money for that out-of-date style. Of course they are probably thinking that the hair is only consistent with the style of clothes.

I love watching "What Not To Wear" because it is exciting to watch how someone changes on the outside and how it changes them on the inside also. It helps remind me that I must constantly be changing my style as a symbolic reminder of changing the inside of me also.

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