Friday, June 25, 2010

Your thoughts

I just read part of a talk given by Elder Bednar 10 years ago to students in which he said that he wanted them to take notes but not notes on what he says but notes on their own personal thoughts and inspiration.

I have run into several people or heard of people who I don't know that read my blog. I am always grateful to know that people read and appreciate what I write and I always welcome and learn from your comments. My goal for this blog is to write about what I have found to be true for me in my quest for self improvement, and it is my sincere desire that it can possibly be an inspiration for others.

What I love to know is your thoughts and what is true for you. I don't want this blog to be about me but about truth and how we can all come to our own truth together.

Starting this fall I want to start conducting free seminars. It is something I haven't wanted to do for a long time but my biggest fear is that I will be tempted to do it for the wrong reasons. I have experienced people who do seminars and workshops that appear to become motivated for the wrong reasons and then their teachings can get off tract. I am not standing in judgment of them but just in judgment of the outcome so that I don't repeat it.

I certainly don't ever want to become someone's authority on anything. I just want to express what I am discovering is true for me and I welcome your thoughts on what is true and right for you because I have a lot to learn and know the teacher can learn a lot if not more from their students.

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MamaPark said...

My children (students) have been my greatest teachers. I love your blog and what I learn from you too.