Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ask Questions

As I mentioned yesterday in choosing easy, asking questions is an important part of finding solutions. I found it interesting when studying LDS church history how Heavenly Father waited for Joseph Smith to ask the questions before major revelations were given.

Here is my best story of personal revelation. Get out your kleenexes. One day I had this problem with the fact that I kept getting canker sores and in frustration I asked myself, "Why do I keep getting these sores?" The answer came to my mind immediately that I needed to rinse my toothpaste more thoroughly when I brush my teeth. I'll give you a minute to dry your tears.

Now I know that isn't as earth shattering of a revelation as the Word of Wisdom, but for me it was a little answer to a question that has been a blessing. I haven't gotten a canker sore since and now it doesn't ever hurt to eat. Now I just won't be asking, "Do I look fat in these jeans?"

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MamaPark said...

Okay so here are my thoughts, I must be brilliant because I ask a lot of questions. I've been accused of being nosey. Thanks for the clarification.