Saturday, June 19, 2010

I'm Starting with the Man in the Mirror

I love this song and message. I've said this before and I will continue to remind myself. Anytime I experience something or someone that is difficult or troubling, I will work on the woman I see in the mirror. My goal for this blog has always been to work on my own self-improvement instead of trying to fix someone else. That is why I always talk about anything that I see as a problem in the first person because I know that my focus needs to be on improving me.

I learned a valuable lesson a few years ago from a wonderful woman from my ward. A few of us were working on a quilt and I made a statement such as, "People need to learn . . ." This woman boldly taught me a valuable lesson about how my focus should be on my own sins and not what others need to learn or do. Someone later called me and apologized for her assuming I would be offended, but I really did appreciate her teaching me an important truth. I haven't quite mastered the habit, but I am trying to just speak for me.

While I was studying Human Development I also remember a theorist stressing that if parents see something that they don't like in their children, that it is important for them to take a hard look at themselves because they possibly might be doIng something that has created or is supporting that behavior. I still have no clue why my children are so sarcastic.

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