Monday, June 7, 2010

I LOOOOVE Mondays!

Am I the only person that loves Mondays? The reason I love Mondays is because by Saturday I have gotten way off track and then I get inspired on Sunday and want to start being a better person on Monday. So Monday I start the day all excited to be more disciplined and determined. At lunch time I have started to veer off but at least Monday morning is looking pretty good. That is why I like Mondays--I have hope again.

It is time to once again recommit to my daily star activities and make sure that I am doing something every day in each of the 5 areas. In the last month or so I have been slacking and gotten a little lazy. Is it just me or is it just so easy to get distracted and let something go while I work on something else? Who is old enough to remember the Ed Sullivan show and the guy with the spinning plates on a pole that he tried to keep spinning? He would focus on trying to keep one up only to have other plates drop and break. Story of my life. I'm just glad I've got eternity. Until then, I'll keep enjoying my Monday fresh starts.

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MamaPark said...

I still love Mondays, but after hearing a great talk by Cory Erickson regarding every hour, every minute, is opportunity for change, I now have embraced this. Every minute I can change. No need to wait for Monday.