Friday, June 11, 2010


I said I was going to talk about shoes because it is a shallow topic but as I got thinking about it, I can even manage to make a frivolous topic psychoanalytical and I can relate shoes to the puritan philosophy.

A couple of years ago I just bought neutral-colored shoes that would go with everything and was careful not to buy too many (I had "righteous" written all over my feet). One day I was shopping for shoes with a good friend that I have known since 2nd grade. (We know too much about each other and to avoid blackmail, we have remained friends.) Anyway, after watching me shop she gave me some honest and helpful feedback about how I just looked for practical shoes in neutral colors. She reminded me about my fun, although buried, personality (she was my co actress in some of my Carol Burnett skits) and wondered why I didn't ever get some fun colored shoes. Well, first of all, orthopedic shoes normally don't come in fun colors and secondly how could I remain pure and holy if I was so indulgent?

Long story short (I know it's too late), I have now given myself permission to buy some really fun colored shoes. I am grateful for this friend who reminded me that life is short and that we only have a few years until we really do need orthopedic shoes, (maybe just months, days or possibly hours) and so why not enjoy it while we can. Imelda Marcos, GAME ON!

PS For my younger readers who don't know who Imelda Marcos was. She was the wife of an corrupt and extravagant Philippine president who fled the palace and left behind 3,000 shoes. Don't ask me what year World War 2 was, but I can sure tell you nuggets of this kind of valuable history.

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