Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Choose Easy

There seems to be a hard way to do things and an easier way. I want to get better at choosing easy. Back when I taught organization classes, I would teach that whenever I encounter a task that was difficult I would ask myself, "How can I make this easier?" It seems asking that question opens up creative solutions. I admit that complaining comes easier for me than creative problem solving, but when I find a great solution, it can make my life so much easier. I am committed to focusing on the solution rather than the problem.


Beth said...

Gabe is so good at this. It's not that he is lazy, but he is just so smart and can see the easy way. That is what makes him such a good leader

Tanya said...

Gabe always had the most organized and picked up room growing up. He figured out early that it was easier to keep it straight rather than to have to do major picking up later.