Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Failed the Moron Test

The other day I had to take my car in for a factory recall and while it was there I asked them to check the cd player because it wouldn't play in order and it was frustrating especially when I listen to a talk cd. Mind you, I have had this car for four years and it has been this way the whole time and to find out the only problem was the fact that there was a random button that was pushed that I didn't know about was rather embarrassing. I hate it when it is such a simple solution and I manifest my stupidity. I just have to remind myself what a selfless service it is for me to make people feel good about themselves in comparison.


Linda said...

Dear Tanya! I am not sure that you read comments.... but just so you know, I read your blog and enjoy your posts tremendously. I find myself connecting with you through the distance. It's refreshing how honestly you write. Thank You for the lessons you continue to teach me, and for being so fun to read. All is well.... ups, downs and everything in between.... and for the record.... I am holding out! But I did buy a better daily moisterizer and Night Cream! Miss you!

Christina said...

That reminds me of once when my dad and uncle spent several hours trying to get a printer to work. Finally they called in the expert, my engineering husband, who promptly commented that things work so much better plugged in.

Tanya said...

Yes Linda I do read the comments and always love to hear what people say. I miss you so much! You are one of a kind that has left so many imprints of inspiration.