Sunday, June 24, 2012


It's weird sometimes how stars just seem to line up.  In this case, maybe it isn't a big enough deal to refer to it as stars.  Maybe just flashlights. Anyway, when I was watching my 7-year-old grandson make pancakes and he at first asked me to pour the batter onto the grill but then took the plunge and did it himself, I realized that he was learning by the first mistake of pouring too close to the edge. It came to me that being a perfectionist (recovering, sort of) that I was sometimes afraid to let my kids do something that might lead to a mistake. But watching my grandson this morning taught me that mistakes are a great way to learn, maybe the only way. T

After my grandkids left and I had my relaxing moment visiting pinterest. I found a pin from a friend about this children's book. Timely. Being too impatient to wait and visit a bookstore, I downloaded it on my ipad. It is a great book with a great message. Life is a lot more fun if we aren't worried about mistakes. Teaching that to my children and grandchildren is easier if I embrace that for myself. Using a mistake as an opportunity to learn rather than a stick to beat myself with is the best way to relax and enjoy life rather than fearing a mistake. I love to learn but I don't relish being abused.

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