Friday, June 22, 2012


Late last night I was reading CNN news and came across the story of the bus monitor being bullied. I watched what happened and then read some of the comments. It was incredibly sad and disturbing to see the boys treat someone like they did, but I have to say that not only did the boys that bullied and taunted her seem to lack compassion, but also the comments about the boys on this news story lacked compassion. Nothing would ever ever justify their behavior but to turn around and bully and taunt them seems so brutal. I felt a great deal of compassion all the way around and realize that often those that are so cruel have been lacking in feeling real genuine love themselves and are just giving out the only thing they know. The only way to break that vicious cycle is with love and compassion. Loving the sinner but hating the sin.

Doing a google image search on the word compassion restored my faith in people and their ability to love. I saw pictures that moved me to tears and to want to act more compassionately. Because the pictures I find usually come from a blog post about that word, I have been reading some inspirational writing. There are so many good people out there that are contributing so much that is enlightening. It seems the negative and bitter people are writing hateful comments on news stories but there are amazing people writing in countless blogs, and today I was especially grateful to read about and be motivated by the compassionate people. 

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