Thursday, June 7, 2012


Word to the wise. Don't ever do a google image search on the word correlation. Just a bunch of boring graphs show up and you will feel like you are being attacked by a statistics class. With that said, I realize there is a direct correlation (meaning, one activity is related to the other activity) between my over eating and lack of posting on my blog.  I haven't been writing on my blog and this little experiment has demonstrated the correlation.  Which comes first?  Lack of blogging creates a profound craving for sugar or does too much sugar kill my motivation to blog?  These are serious questions. Now I am starting with the assumption that if I blog first then my sugar craving will diminish.  So here it goes.  I am assuming that writing my blog creates a sort of satisfaction that left unfulfilled drives me to the arms of sugar.  That being said, it becomes apparent that spending time doing something else that I love to do can replace my addictive desire to stuff my face with sweets to fill the void. (At least I don't eat desserts wearing curlers)

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