Saturday, June 23, 2012

Downton Abbey

I love this show mainly because I use to think I was lazy if I hired help.  Now I realize I am giving people a job.  How nice of me.  I am just baffled by how long I have gone dressing myself.  I am going to hire someone to do that and insist they call me "Me Lady."  The problem is they will never know what time to actually get me ready. Could be 6 am, could be noon, might even be 3 pm. 

The bells in the movie do remind me of living in the Chi Omega house and ringing the bell at dinner to summons Chuck to serve us. Chuck was our house boy from a local fraternity. Everyone needs a house boy. Why I got married and left that set up, I will never know!  (A little side note. For most of the time Chuck worked there, he had long, scraggly hair; but one day he showed up with a handsome haircut revealing how good looking he was. We started ringing the bell more often!)

Whoops, I got a little sidetracked with college memories. Seriously, I love this period piece because I enjoy being placed in another place in time and learning about history.  The show also demonstrates how much we can buy into traditions that need to be questioned and possibly changed.  The tradition of a male-dominate society in which daughters couldn't inherit the title and money is crazy.  Even a guy to inherit an unearned title is weird. How many of our traditions that we embrace right now will seem equally bizarre in the future? Like boys wearing their pants below their butts. Wait, that already seems weird.

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Lisa said...

Loved Chuck the houseboy. As I recall, we spoke at the dinner table with complete abandonment even though Chuck always joined us for dinner. Can you even imagine the information he gleaned from eating with us! Good thing he was from Sigma Nu or something like that and NOT Sigma Chi!