Sunday, September 4, 2011


I was hiking the other day and I noticed that there was this small metal object poking out from the ground in the middle of the trail. Someone who traveled before who might have tripped on it themselves took the time to tie this blue marker as a warning. I was impressed with the thoughtfulness of taking the time to mark it to prevent someone else from getting injured. I want to be equally thoughtful. I think I will post a blue marker on a bag of chocolate-covered cinnamon bears as a warning to others, "Don't start, they're addictive!"

Seriously though, isn't it nice that we can be warned and learn from other people's mistakes. I am grateful for those people that will mark the troubled spots so those following can avoid them.

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Aneisa Phelps said...

Great warning---I LOVE chocolate covered cinnamon bears. It's better to "just say no!"