Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I have realized that a lot of what I do or don't do use to be based on fear from past experience. For example, because my east-side window broke in an East wind when I was I young girl; out of fear of that happening again, I didn't want to put big windows in the East side of our home. As a result of a choice based on that fear, I don't have as good a view of our glorious mountains as I could have had.

I realize that faith and fear cannot coexist, and now I want to be more careful that I don't let my fear block out the faith and thus the view I could have based on that faith.

I have noticed that faith can be the foundation of a lot of great intentions. Like the intention we have to make our wedding plans joyous instead of stressful. Fear seems to evoke stress, but faith grows optimism and joy. Fear creates worry about people and their choices, but faith creates a belief that their journey will take them just where they need to be for their own growth. It just feels so much better to live in faith instead of fear.

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