Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Harder Path

When I go hiking up the canyon near our home, I usually take an easier way up but this last Saturday I took the hard way. It was amazing how much more my lungs got a work out. After the intense switch backs, I was breathing hard and coughing. It felt as though my lungs were getting a deep cleansing and being prepared to be able to breathe more deeply.

It is going to sound weird but now when I am writing or thinking something that is an enlightening truth, I have noticed that I take in a deep breath. I have gotten in the habit now of noticing it more often and after I write a sentence in my journal that rings true and in which I take in a deep breath, I will finish the thought by typing DB to signify when I spoke truth and took in a deep breath. It seems to help me take more notice of what is important. I mean, I say so much that isn't important that I need some kind of sifter.

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