Saturday, September 10, 2011

Enduring to the End

Today I went hiking again on the hard path; and when I got to the usual place that I turn around and go back, I decided I would endure to the end. No, I wasn't dying, but I did continue up the canyon until I got to the water falls.

It was an interesting journey. Close to the falls, I ran into a couple who were confused as to which path to take. (No, it wasn't Alice in Wonderland.) Since it had been a long time since I went all the way to the falls, I became a kind of blind leader figuring it out as we went.

It made me realize that oftentimes we get to lead the way, and if I am going to be put in that position then I had better know where I am going. I also realized that being a leader is a unique opportunity to do be more diligent and determined to find the way and to endure to the end. Rounding the corner and seeing the falls was a great reward and an even better one as I came back and told my little followers that it was just ahead.

P.S. This is the actual picture I took today.

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