Thursday, September 22, 2011

Choose Easy

I use to do a lot of organization classes and one of the main things that I taught that has helped me in being a homemaker is my mantra, "How can I make this work better?" You see, instead of calling myself lazy, I like to say I just try and choose the easiest and most efficient way to do something. Anytime I noticed that something was inconvenient or frustrating, I would wonder how I could make it work better? Asking the question gives opportunity for the creative answers to come. That is what is done in any business organization, and I always like to think I am running a business. The business of homemaking, and I am the CEO of our home (even though all my little employees have grown up and moved on to other organizations).

For example, having a lot of children close in age meant that I use to put on a lot of shoes. Instead of lace shoes, I would choose easy and have boots, pull on shoes, Velcro, etc. It was one of the ways I made it easier on myself.

I still need to remember that I can choose easy and instead of being frustrated by and complaining about something, I can do more problem solving because it is empowering and we CEOs need the power to become a Fortune 500 company even if now I am only a one-woman operation!

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