Friday, September 9, 2011

The Truth: I Am Now Losing Weight

The truth has been, I am gaining weight, but today I am changing that to "I am now losing weight." Remember, I am what I say I am. I have realized that I have to be careful of saying, I am gaining weight because I will unconsciously continue to honor that statement, and man oh man, have I had fun eating all the goodies that will continue to make that happen!

The fun is over because the truth is, eating all that fattening food is only temporarily rewarding. I have to start looking at my long-term quality of life and since I don't want to have to purchase one of those lounge chairs that mechanically push me out of it, I will have to start making changes now and make those changes for good.

So now I will say, "I am losing weight weight." And why do I want to loose weight; because it just simply doesn't feel good to carry extra weight that I don't need and want, and it isn't healthy. Yes, there is a certain amount of ego in being thin, but the real motivation should be that I should want to take care of my body and make it as healthy as I can be so I can live a long and vibrant life.

So today, I am starting to lose weight and in order to do that I will drink lots of water, eat lots of colorful vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, fish and lean meats sparingly. As I eat healthy and have more energy, I will really have more fun than there ever was eating a whole bag of chocolate-covered cinnamon bears. At least I will keep telling myself that.

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