Monday, September 5, 2011

Faith Took Over

Yesterday I was thinking about this last Summer when I watched a group of girls make the human knot and then struggle to work their way out of it. They were quite tangled and kept struggling, negotiating, and making various suggestions to figure it out for themselves. It was taking a long time and looked like they just weren't going to get untangled, and finally they were told that they could only have a few more minutes or they would have to quit.

At the very end, it was interesting how all of a sudden without anyone saying a word, they just miraculously figured out how to undo the knot. It was as if faith took over. In thinking about it yesterday, it also came to me that my life is a lot like that. I can think that struggling, negotiating, and making suggestions will work out the knots in my life, when it is so much better when I just let faith take over.

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