Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dejunk and Organize AGAIN

Whenever I get stuck in a rut, I know that it is time to dejunk and organize. For me it is my personal jump start to get energized. That's a sign of a dull life and personality!

For over a year now we have had a stream of basement dwellers and this week the last ones are moving out, and so now is a good time to do another cleanse and to make a few changes in my home and life. I am going to be even more brave and bold than the last time I dejunked. It is good to let go of physical things and hopefully it will automatically allow me to let go of some emotional junk that I have been holding onto as well. Just like I can store a lot of junk in my home, my memory has way to much junk. My garbages are going to be full and D.I. here I come, AGAIN!!

1 comment:

Beth said...

When I saw your title I wondered if you were going to mention that you were de-junking US! And you are!