Sunday, September 26, 2010

Diet Free

I don't want to seem super inspired and directed, but sometimes the timing of events in my life seem to be suspiciously too coincidental. You have to know that I don't watch a lot of TV, especially Saturday morning. Yes, I have finally outgrown cartoons. Anyway, yesterday morning I was setting up the recording for the Relief Society Conference and miraculously came across a TV program that was inspiring. Zonya's Health Bites. The timing was perfect for me because I have been away on vacation and let all healthy eating go to pot, and getting on the scale this morning was SCARRRRY. Now so that you know that what I weigh isn't the real issue, it just manifests that I am not making healthy choices. Zonya was perfect for me and just in the nick of time. I even got on her website and did a little more research. I am recording her program for further inspiration because I need all the help I can get. I don't know if it is this way for you, but I need consistent inspiration to keep me on track.

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Steve & Heather said...

Hello Tanya! I'm glad you found my blog so it helped me find yours. I love the things you've posted on this too. I feel the same way about trying to eat healthier so thanks for posting this and I'll check out their site as well.